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[ad. L. locātiōn-em, n. of action f. locāre to locate.]

1.1 Civil and Sc. Law. The action of letting for hire (correlative with conduction): see quot. a 1768. contract of location: a contract by which the use of a chattel is agreed to be given for hire, or by which a person agrees to give his services on the same condition.

2. a.2.a The action of placing; the fact or condition of being placed; settlement in a place.

b.2.b Appointment to official positions. rare.

3.3 The fact or condition of occupying a particular place; local position, situation. Also, position in a series or succession.

4.4 The marking out or surveying of a tract of land (esp. of a ‘claim’) or a settlement; the laying out of a road or the like. U.S.

5.5 concr. a.5.a (U.S.) A tract of land marked out or surveyed; spec. a mining ‘claim’. Also, in South Africa, the quarters or area set apart for Black South Africans; occas. also used of an area in which Coloureds live.

b.5.b In Australia, a farm or station.

c.5.c In the production of motion pictures, an exterior place, away from a film-studio, where a scene is filmed; freq. in phr. on location. Also attrib. orig. U.S.

6.6 Place of settlement or residence. Chiefly U.S.

7.7 The action of discovering, or the ability to discover or determine, the position of a person or thing. __

Additions 1997

Add: [3.] b.3.b spec. in Computing. A position or address in computer memory; also, a unit of memory occupying a given position.

Oxford English Dictionary (OED)

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